Finding Fresh, Local Produce in Ipswich Queensland

If you’re like me you’ve been absolutely infuriated by the dangerous nonsense of the Queensland plastic bag ban.   Like, frothing mad.   Full on Leslie Knope mad.

And as much as I do flip out when I’m in the grocery store and see two thirds of the people leaving having their groceries in a shiny new “reusable” plastic bag, like we haven’t all had green bags everywhere for the past ten years, scowling at them all (and you too, if I catch you) is not the answer.  Nor is telling them to run back downstairs to get the bags they forgot, or suggesting that they put their paid for groceries unbagged back into their trolleys just like we do at Aldi to then sort out once we get back to the car.  So I decided to reduce my dependency on supermarkets.

I also hate the environmental impact of having my fruit and veg shipped from all over the country and all over the world.  The Ceres Report on Food Miles in Victoria in 2008 found that the food in the average Victorian shopping trolley travelled 70 000 kilometers, roughly two times around the globe.   Here is a food miles calculator if you’re curious.  There is a lot said about supporting the local farmers, especially in this time of drought, especially when the big grocery stores don’t pay them a fair price for their produce


Most of my groceries are fresh fuit and veg.  So I signed up for a Hillfields Organic Farm box, grown by a lovely family at their farm at Borallon.  Delivery is free to the Ipswich area, or you can go to the farm and pick up your own on Sunday mornings.  If you’ve been on Avicenna’s Instagram you would have seen photos of what I get delivered, but if you haven’t seen here they are now –


Ipswich Good Food Group, Inc (from their website)  is a volunteer-run bulk buyers group with a strong focus on local, sustainable foods.  We bulk buy fruit, vegetables, fresh herbs, bread, dairy, eggs, dry goods, juices, laundry products, and more. We aim for foods produced in SE Qld and northern NSW. Dry goods are Australian-grown or Fair Trade.

We aim for foods free of manufactured/artificial chemicals. However not all our foods are organic/chemical free. All organic/chemical free foods are marked so that members can make informed choices.  See the list on Our Suppliers page for more detail.

We meet  at 21 Park Street, Ipswich.

  • Tuesdays 4:30pm -7:00pm
  • Wednesdays 8:00am -11.00am
  •  Thursdays 2:00pm – 6:00pm
  •  Fridays 9:00am – 12:00pm


Each week we update members on what’s available.  Our newsletter, The Scoop, is distributed via email and on Facebook.

You must be a member to participate in our bulk buys. See our Membership page for more details.

IGFG is a volunteer organisation and all members are encouraged to participate in the running and development of the group.  We have a roster for those able to assist in setting up or packing down our meetings.  Members are also  encouraged to help with at-home tasks.


Local Harvest is a great resource website that shows you on a  map where your local primary producers are, dividing your possible choices into Eat Out, for restaurants, cafes and catering; Buy Direct for boxes, bulk buying, organic or free range produce; Grow and Share, for DIY, community gardens and food swaps; Learn and Participate, for workshops and local groups and Meet the Farmer, which is buying directly from the farmer or picking your own.  It also has local markets listed in the Ipswich and Lockyer Valley region, which is fantastic.  Definitely check it out. – there is a drop off delivery point in Flinders’ View that I saw on Local Harvest if you’re interested.

From their website –

Food Connect Brisbane is a social enterprise founded in 2005 by ex-dairy farmer Robert Pekin, who was forced off his dairy farm in the late 1990’s and since then has been on a mission to create a fairer food system.

We ethically and transparently engage local farmers to supply ecological food that is in season and super fresh and we pay them about four times the amount of the big food chains, so more of your dollars go directly to the growers. Their beautiful produce is then delivered all over Brisbane for everyone to enjoy.

At Food Connect, local actually means local: our fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and other highly perishable items travel no more than 400 kilometres before getting to your door, that’s why we can guarantee superior quality, freshness and a reduced impact on the environment.

We also work with our food makers to source locally as much as possible. Our sourcing policy ensures growers and food makers are providing jobs with fair pay and training in poverty stricken areas via direct supplier connections (eg PNG coffee).

We grow, research, recommend, eat and sell organic food because we believe organic food and farming are better for your health and the environment. Like all businesses, profitability and return on investment are important goals, but at Farm Fresh Organics, we know that none of it adds up to a hill of beans if we don’t use and support sustainable, environmentally responsible methods that will leave the world better than we found it. In short, we’re about selling healthy and delicious foods that will benefit the planet, ourselves, our community, and you, our valued customer.


I hope this gives you some new things to think about with regards to how and where we get our food from.  If you’ve heard of anyone I haven’t listed, please let me know!

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