Rice Cooker Pumpkin Risotto

While we’re at it, lets talk about some more really basic cooking skills.  You can do more with your rice cooker than cook rice.  I make risottos in mine.  I’ve made kedgeree before.  My mother makes pilafs.  I love using my rice cooker to make risottos because you can throw it all in there and walk away.  It won’t be as magical as if you’ve stood there the whole time stirring until the rice cooks on the top of the stove, but not every single risotto is magic.  Sometimes you just want your dinner to cook while you throw a load of washing on, feed the pets and call your mother.


Ingredients.  Here’s the onion and the garlic from the last post.  Around half a pumpkin that I’d pre-chopped a couple of days earlier while I was making a vege curry and stored in containers instead of introducing more single-use plastic into the world.  Arborio rice.  Chicken stock powder (yes, I know.  I said basic.).  Pepper.  Cumin powder.  Bay leaves.

Chop onion and two (three.  Cough) cloves of garlic.


Saute in olive oil in the rice cooker that I really should have wiped down before taking photos of.  If yours is a dodgy old one like mine, you might need to hold the button down so that it cooks instead of warms because the onion is not going to be as heavy as rice and water.


Add a heaped teaspoon of cumin.  Pumpkin and cumin are BFFs and it will give the risotto warmth and depth.


Stir through until fragrant


Stir through a cup and a half of arborio rice.  You may need to add more oil.  You want every grain of rice covered.  This takes a minute or so.


Add your pumpkin, bay leaves, pepper, chicken stock and three cups of hot water (hot water will cut down on the cooking time – otherwise your rice cooker is going to have to heat the water up and that will take ages).  You could mix the stock powder into the hot water before adding it all to the rice cooker, but I don’t bother.  Enough stock for three cups of water.  WP_20160615_033

Stir it all through, make sure all the rice is poked under the surface of the water (the pumpkin will steam so don’t worry too much about this), put the lid on and WALK AWAY.


In twenty minutes to half an hour (whenever your rice cooker clicks over from “cook” to “warm”, you will have this.


Which you will give a really good stir so it looks like this.  I forgot to take a photo of it dished up, but risotto is risotto.  I generally only add the parmesan cheese once its on the plate.  Cheese goes weird and coats your teeth when re-heated and I ended up freezing most of this in portions.  Add your cheese and salt and pepper to taste and serve.

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